Naturalingredients are obtained from mother nature through minimal physical means suchas distillation, maceration or solvent extraction in order to retain itsstructure. Examples of natural ingredients are essential oils and cold pressedvegetable oils. Natural ingredients include plants, animals or mineralingredients which are provided to us by mother nature.

Thenatural ingredients are taken care of in an ecological manner i.e. grown,harvested, raised and even processed. They are free from chemicals i.e. notproduced or processed using any chemicals and they are not geneticallymodified. There are a few terms concerning natural ingredients that may be abit confusing in cosmetics.

  • Organic means thatthe ingredients used are plant based or synthetic free- usually products thatare labelled synthetic free contain no artificial man-made ingredients.
  • Plant basedgenerally means that the product is made of 100% plant ingredients.
  • Animal based meansthat the product is made of 100% animal ingredients.

Thefollowing are benefits of using natural ingredients for cosmetics:

  1. Safefor all skin types.
  2. Noartificial chemicals used.
  3. Safefor the environment.
  4. Crueltyfree.
  5. Noside effects.
  6. Greatfor skin health.

Safe for all skin types.

Naturalingredients work perfectly for all skin types whether oily, dry, normal, combination.They also work perfectly fine for people with sensitive skin. The use of the naturalingredients in making different kinds of cosmetics make it easier for peoplewith problematic skin to be able to use these cosmetics because they will nolonger get worried about the cosmetics making their skin even worse.

No artificialchemicals used.

Naturalingredients contain no synthetic chemicals at all depending on how they were grown,bred, harvested. When they are formulated to make natural cosmetics, noartificial chemicals or perfumes are used in the production process. The harmfulchemicals which are mostly used in the making of beauty products, parabens, areusually used as preservatives to increase the shelf life of these products arenot used in natural cosmetics due to the studies which have shown that theparabens disrupt oestrogen production in the body. Natural ingredients are freefrom harmful chemicals, no parabens, synthetic fragrances and artificialpreservatives which result to various health problems.

Safe for the environment.

benefits of natural ingredients. for hair, skin and oral care

Naturalingredients are the best to use if you want to help save the environment due tothe chemical free production process it usually goes through when makingnatural beauty products. Artificial chemicals are considered harmful to theenvironment and also to the human body. During the production process, theemission of the chemicals to the environment causes the environment to degrade inthat the air we breathe becomes poisonous also depletes the ozone layer hencemaking the sun rays harmful to our skin and other environment pollution. Using naturalingredients to formulate beauty products prevents all this from happening thereforemaking our environment safe.

Cruelty free.

Crueltyfree just means that a product is not tested on animals. Some cosmeticcompanies or brands test their products on animals to ensure that they areeffective and safe for use by humans which is a cruel and harsh thing to do toother animals. Natural ingredients do not need this kind of harshness to beable to be considered safe to use. They are just tested in the laboratorieswhere they are formulated to make beauty products by experts with sate of theart equipment and not animals.

No side effects.

Somebeauty products in the market when used can cause irritation to the skin amongother side effects to the skin and the body as well as one’s health. Naturalingredients, just as their name suggests, they are natural and are not expectedto cause irritation unless one is allergic to some of the ingredients.

Great for skin health.

Naturalingredients provide the skin with the nourishment it needs to help the skin behealthy. Ingredients like vitamin e, castor oil, frankincense oil among othershave properties which help boost the skins health and fight infections. The naturalingredients are also high in antioxidants which help the skin from aging hencethe youthful skin glow is achieved. Then natural ingredients also come with non-comedogenicproperties which make them great for people with oily skin and acne prone skin.This means that the pores in the skin will not get clogged. Apart from fightingacne, natural ingredients also help fight against eczema, psoriasis and otherskin infections.

 The skin is the largest organ our body has andit absorbs every product applied over it. The products therefore can reach ourblood vessels directly to the blood stream so this is why we need to be carefulwith the products we choose to use on our skin. The natural ingredients areharmful hence the best choice for beauty or cosmetic products.

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By Eila Oketch.

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