The Amazing Benefits Of Frankincense Essential Oil.

Frankincense also known as olibanum is extracted from the Boswellia tree which is native to the Arabian Peninsula (Oman and Yemen), North East Africa (Somalia, Sudan and Egypt) and some parts of India. The Boswellia tree comes in 5 species which are: Boswellia carterii/Boswellia sacra native to Somalia and Dhofar valley in Oman, Boswellia frereana/Boswellia thurifera in Somalia, Boswellia serrata in India and Boswellia papyrifera in Ethiopia. These trees grow in harsh conditions with little soil and water. Frankincense essential oil is extracted by steam distillation of the frankincense resin that is tapped or stripped by making deep incisions in the Boswellia tree with a special knife.

Frankincense the holy grail of Essential oil

Frankincensehas been used over the years and it was popular during the time of Christ. Ithas been mentioned in the Bible quite a number of times with the birth of JesusChrist being the most popular event where frankincense was given to him as agift. The Babylonians, Assyrians, Hebrews used frankincense in their templesduring religious precisions. The Greeks, Egyptians and Romans used frankincenseresin as burning incense during burial precisions. The ancient people also usedfrankincense for medicinal purposes.

Frankincense oil aromatherapy

Today, frankincense is greatly used in aromatherapy to promote a state of relaxation while offering a variety of health benefits. Frankincense is actually believed to potentially fight cancer. Many studies have been done by researchers to show that frankincense essential oil offers a great deal of benefits for our health and skin. It was actually named the ‘King of oils’. Frankincense can be used in 3 different ways:

  • Aromatically- canbe inhaled directly from the bottle or diffused in the house using a diffuser.
  • Topically-applieddirectly to the skin
  • It can also beingested in small quantities.

Studieshave shown that the sweet fragrance that frankincense has helps by assistingthe mood of a person in that the scent is able to transmit a message to thelimbic system in the brain which controls emotions, memories and stimulation.

Propertiesof frankincense essential oil.

  • Healing
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Non comedogenic
  • Antibacterial
  • Aromatherapeutic
  • Antiseptic
  • Antiaging
  • Antibacterial
  • Antimicrobial
 Health benefits of frankincense essential oil. Discover the amazing cancer-fighting benefits of this ancient essential oil prized for its healing powers.

Healthbenefits of frankincense essential oil.

  1. Boosts immunity.

Frankincense is a powerful and natural immune booster.It has inflammatory properties which eradicate any inflammation in the humanbody hence enhancing the immune system. A study shows that Frankincense has achemical compound that is similar to that of steroids which help in getting ridof pain and inflammation. This therefore enhances a strong immune system.Studies have shown that frankincense essential oil interact with several cellsand enzymes of the immune system which make it act quickly upon infections.

  • Promotes a healthy respiratory system

Frankincense can help fight cold and flu. Acts as aremedy for sinus infections as it clears airways. When inhaled, it opens upbreathing passages making it a good remedy for asthmatic people due to itsanti-inflammatory properties. It also soothes cough reduces phlegm.

  • Helps with digestive issues

Frankincense has properties which speed up thesecretion of digestive juices in the stomach and simulates peristaltic motionwhich is the movement of food in the intestines and does not have any sideeffects. Any digestive distress such as stomach aches, indigestion,constipation gas, irritable bowel syndrome, PMS or cramps can be solved usingFrankincense by adding two drops of the pure oil to water in a glass then drinkthe mixture.

  • Boosts cellularhealth.

Frankincense essential oils supports the natural cell life of each of our body systems by encouraging normal cell growth. As the other cells keep on regenerating, it also helps the body to recognize the cells that are not regenerating properly which will eventually be eliminated to ensure good health of the entire body. Skin cells grow and regenerate quickly while those of the brain grow slowly.

  • Relieves stress.

Frankincense is an effective sedative. It induces asense of peace and tranquillity when inhaled. It also lowers anxiety and anger,promotes calmness of your body and mind, reduces blood pressure and it happenswhen inhaled. It also promotes good sleep.

  • Balances hormonal levels.

Frankincense essential oil regulates the production ofoestrogen hormone hence reducing the chances of post- menopause tumour. It alsoreduces the chances or risk of uterine cancer. It regulates proper menstrualcycle and is one of the essential oils for sexual health as per the study doneby Dr. Jane Buckle, author of clinical Aromatherapy in nursing.

  • Relieves inflammation.

Frankincense essential oils contains Boswellia acidthat helps fight inflammation. Inflammation causes swelling, a bit of rednessand temperature rising which mostly happens after an injury or during manyinfections or illness. Our bodies react by inflaming during illnesses to fightit. During this time, a lot of white blood cells are produced as a defencemechanism causing pain. Frankincense helps reduce levels of inflammation andpain in out body and skin. Inflammation can be severe in conditions likearthritis.

  • Helps fight cancer.

Frankincense essential oil has properties which haveshown to fight cancerous cells of specific types of has also beenproven to reduce the spreading of skin and breast cancer by applying topicallyon the affected area and massaging it in. a study that was conducted byresearchers in China shows that human breast and skin cells showed increasedsensitivity to combination of frankincense and myrrh essential oils.

  • Boosts oral health.

Frankincense oil has antiseptic properties which makeit a natural solution in fighting oral health problems like bad breath,toothaches, cavities, mouth sores and other infections. It fights the bacteriawhich causes bad breath and plaque hence preventing tooth decay and other oralinfections. You can add frankincense essential oil in your daily mouth wash tohelp with your oral health.

 Frankincense Skin benefits.

  1. Healing acne.

Frankincense essential oil has properties that aresuitable for acne prone skin. It is non comedogenic meaning that it will not clogthe pores in case of oily skin which actively produces sebum. Frankincense hasgot properties that help cure acne its anti-inflammatory properties that cooldown irritated skin, soothe acne and provide relief. It has anti-bacterialproperties that fight the bacteria and acne from forming. Its astringentproperties cause the contraction of skin cells making it useful in acne proneskin to reduce appearance of pores. Its healing properties helps in acne andscars altogether.

  • Fades away blemishes, darks spots, sunspots, agespots, acne scars and also stretch marks.

Frankincense helps with wound healing and fading awayof the scars. It may reduce the appearance of blemishes. Regular application ofthe oil will result to better appearance. It can also fade away the appearanceof stretch marks and pregnancy scars. Do not apply on broken skin.

Eczema is the rash, dryness, flaking skin, redness,peeling of the skin and itching of the skin which is painful. Frankincenseessential oils has strong anti-inflammatory properties which help to soothe theskin by reducing itchiness and any irritation or sensitivity caused by eczema.It helps the skin cells so that they can repair and heal faster.

  • It is antiaging and reduces appearance of fine linesand wrinkles.

Frankincense promotes regeneration skin cells whilekeeping the existing cells healthy. It tightens, tones and lifts the skinswhile enhancing and improving its elasticity.

Safety Precautions.

Before trying Frankincense oil as a remedy for anyailment or infection, consult a doctor.

Frankincense oil cannot replace the standard treatmentfor cancer.

It is important to follow the instructions orguidelines given by the manufacturer before ingesting frankincense oil.

Pregnant and lactating mothers should avoid usingfrankincense oil without consulting their doctor. Using frankincense whenpregnant can simulate blood flow in the uterus and pelvis thereby inducingmiscarriage.

Most people can use frankincense on the skin but it isadvised to attempt a patch test first to find out if you are allergic to it.

When purchasing frankincense essential oil or ratherany essential oil, avoid the ones that are labelled fragrance or perfumed asthey do not provide any benefits to your health or skin.

Look for the 100% pure essential oil and thoselabelled by their scientific name, i.e. Boswelliaserrata for Frankincense.

It is best to dilute Frankincense essential oil withcarrier oil before applying topically to avoid skin irritation. Frankincensealso enhances the benefits of the carrier oils making them work effectively.

By Eila Oketch.

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