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Benefits of Sea Buckthorn Oil |
Benefits of Sea Buckthorn Oil

Benefits of Sea Buckthorn Oil



Sea buckthorn also known as ‘Hipphophae rhamnoides’ is a medicinal plant. Sea buckthorn oil is derived from the berries and seeds of its shrub that naturally grows in the high altitude mountainous and some coastal areas of Europe and Asia.

The shrub is hardy and has enormous pointy thorns which makes its harvesting an intensive job. Its berries have a lovely, sour tropical flavour.

Sea buckthorn oil has been used as a natural remedy for ailments since ancient times. It is sometimes referred to as the ‘Holy fruit of the Himalayas’.

Ancient Chinese used sea buckthorn oil in their traditional and Ayurvedic medical practises. In ancient Greek times, sea buckthorn oil was known as a great healer for horses that had been in battle.

It is also known as ‘liquid gold’ or God sent medicine in Asia due to its amazing healing properties.

Extraction process of sea bucktorn

The oil comes in 3 types depending on the extraction. The oil is extracted by cold pressed method.

  • Sea buckthorn seed essential oil – extracted especially from seeds.
  • Sea buckthorn pulp essential oil – from the berry pulp.
  • Sea buckthorn berry and seed essential oil – popular form extracted from both the berries and seeds.

It has a moist woody scent.

benefit-of-sea-buckthorn-oil . Sea buckthorn (Hipphophae rhamnoides) is a medicinal plant long used in herbal medicine. Sea buckthorn fruit is sometimes used in sweet treats including jams, pies, and drinks.

Nutrient content of sea buckthorn oil.

The sea buckthorn  berry contains a high concentration of vitamin C that is actually 12 times higher than that of an orange. The sea buckthorn is considered a super food due to its content of over 190 nutrients, vitamins, minerals, fibre and proteins.

It actually contains more Vitamin E than any other plant-based oil.

Sea buckthorn oil has a high fatty acid content. When applied on the skin it does not leave behind any residue.

It has a bright orange colour due to its high content of carotenoids which are also found in carrots.

The essential oil also contains 11 out of 14 trace minerals and flavonoids.

Properties of sea buckthorn oil .

  • It is an antioxidant – it protects the body against illnesses.
  • It is anti-aging – it slows down the process of aging.
  • It has healing properties – helps wounds heal faster.
  • It is anti- inflammatory- soothes and calms down any and all inflammations.
  • It is an antidepressant- it has the ability to treat depression.
  • It is antifungal- kills fungi and its infections.
  • It is an antibacterial- it kills all bacteria and bacterial infections.
  • It is emollient -it has moisturising properties.

Benefits of sea buckthorn oil.

Sea buckthorn for Health.

  • It promotes good heart health.
  • It may help reduce blood sugar levels therefore fights diabetes.
  • It boosts the immune system.
  • It supports a healthy liver.
  • It helps fight cancer cells.
  • It improves digestion.
  • It reduces signs of menopause.
  • It treats dry eyes.
  • It lowers inflammation.
  • It may reduce symptoms of depression.


benefit-of-sea-buckthorn-oil . Sea buckthorn (Hipphophae rhamnoides) is a medicinal plant long used in herbal medicine. Sea buckthorn fruit is sometimes used in sweet treats including jams, pies, and drinks.

sea buckthorn


Sea buckthorn for Skin.

  • It protects the skin from sunburns.
  • It slows down the aging process of the skin.
  • It stimulates skin regeneration.
  • It treats and prevents acne by reducing any inflammation.
  • It protects the skin against sun damage.
  • It promotes skin elasticity.
  • It prevents skin dryness.
  • It helps the skin heal faster.
  • It promotes skin hydration.
  • It promotes cell regeneration.
  • It treats skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and rosacea.
  • It is excellent oil for sensitive skin.
benefits-of-sea-buckthorn- oil In herbal medicine, sea buckthorn has long been used to stimulate the digestive system, enhance heart and liver health, and treat skin disorders. Today, sea buckthorn is touted as a natural remedy for the following health problems:

sea buckthorn juice

Sea buckthorn for Hair.

  • It promotes scalp health.
  • It promotes hair growth.
  • It conditions hair.
  • It promotes circulation of blood in the scalp.
How to use sea buckthorn oil.

Topically – by applying it on the skin.

Internally – by ingesting it in forms of supplements to boost your overall health.

  • As an acne fighting serum.

You will need sea buckthorn oil, myrrh essential oil, jojoba oil or olive oil. In a dropper bottle. Mix the ingredients together and use day and night.

  • As a moisturizer.

You will need shea butter, olive oil, sea buckthorn oil and frankincense essential oil. Melt the shea butter in a double boiler, let it cool down a bit and not harden back to its solid form, add the olive oil, then the essential oils. When the oil is starting to harden, use a whisk or fork and whip the mixture to a creamy consistency.

  • As a hair growth oil.

You will need castor oil, sea buckthorn oil, peppermint essential oil and olive oil. Mix the mixture together in a bottle and apply on the scalp when necessary.

  • As a sunscreen

It can provide extra protection from the sun. you can use it with shea butter.

Safety precautions when using sea buckthorn oil.

Sea buckthorn oil is considered safe to use for everyone however it is advised to consult with your doctor prior to using it on your skin or adding it to your diet.

This oil is known to slow blood clotting and increase bleeding to people with bleeding disorders.

If you have low blood pressure it is advised not to use sea buckthorn oil because it can cause the blood pressure to go even lower.

If planning to undergo surgery, it is advised to stop using sea buckthorn essential oil 2 weeks prior to the scheduled surgery.

By Eila Oketch.