Frankincense Hydrosol

Hydrosolsalso known as herbal distillates, floral waters, essential waters, hydrolatsand herbal waters are the aromatic waters that remains after the distillationof an herb like frankincense or lavender to make an essential oil. Most hydrosolsare actually produced as a result of essential oil distillation however,hydrosols that are made from steam distillation or hydro distillation of herbsresults to hydrosols with a superior aroma and great properties yielding tomuch more needed benefits of the hydrosol.

Frankincense Hydrosol is very powerful for energetic work and for skin issues just like the essential oil of Frankincense. A few drops taken internally, undiluted, ...
Hydrosol also known as Floral water

Hydrosols even though distilled from essential oils can be used topically on the skin without further dilution because they are gentler than the essential oils. The production or extraction of hydrosols is close enough to how essential oils are extracted. Essential oils float on the water distillate then removed leaving behind the distillate which is also known as the essential water i.e. hydrosol.

The difference of essential oils and floral water(hydrosols).

Hydrosolsare water-based substances while essential oils are oil based.

Hydrosolsare safe and gentle to use on children, infants and pets while essential oilsare not that safe and gentle.

Hydrosolsare not concentrated hence don’t need dilution while essential oils are concentratedand need to be diluted using carrier oils.

Frankincense hydrosol has a fresh scent that is resinous and sweet with woody undertones. The aroma has notes that are similar to both the resin tears and the essential oil. Organic frankincense hydrosol is great for use directly on the skin as a fragrant toner and supporter of skin health.
Frankincense Essential oil

How to use hydrosols.

Internally-for babies you need to dilute 1/3teaspoon of hydrosol in milk, juice or waterand give it to them thrice a day. For adults, one can consume any amount withoutdiluting or even diluting in drinks, soups without the fear of overdose.

Topicaluse- directly on the skin as a toner, facial mask etc.

Frankincense hydrosol.

TheBoswellia tree where frankincense resin is extracted from produces frankincenseessential oil and frankincense hydrosol. Frankincense hydrosol is extracted bysteam distillation of frankincense resin. It is usually extracted at the sametime as the frankincense essential oil collected in different chambers.

Properties of the frankincense hydrosol.

  • Antiseptic
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antiaging
  • Anti-scaring
  • Aromatherapeutic
  • Antibacterial
  • Healing
frankincense hydosol Our Floral Waters are made from steam produced during the creation of our essential oils and have numerous uses. From skin toners to relief from aches and

Benefits of frankincense hydrosol.

  1. Good for acne prone skin.   Acne is always inflamed skin and with frankincense anti-inflammatory properties, frankincense hydrosol soothes the skin and relieves any kind f inflammation while also clearing out the pores filled with bacteria.
  2. Good for female health.     The issues with female reproductive health can be assisted by the use of frankincense. From irregular menstrual cycles, uterine cysts and post menstrual tumours.
  3. Good for digestive health. Frankincense supports peristalsis which is the movement of food from the oesophagus to the intestines and also increases the secretion of digestive juices hence easy digestion.
  4. Promotes a sense of relaxation. The grounding and balsamic scent of frankincense helps promote a sense of calmness and well-being.
  5. Stops bleeding.  Frankincense hydrosol has coagulant properties which help with the clotting of blood hence the stopping of bleeding.
  6. Heals wounds, scars, cuts and bruises. Frankincense hydrosol has got antiseptic properties which disinfect the wound and prevent itching and its healing abilities speed up the healing process.
  7. Relieves the effects of sunburn. Due to its anti-inflammation properties, frank incense can relieve the effects of sunburns.
  8. Helps with the respiratory system by drying up excess mucus and expelling phlegm from lungs.

How to use frankincense hydrosol.

As atoner.

Generouslyspritz the hydrosol on your face and neck after cleansing your face. Frankincensehydrosol works to enhance the skin’s health and your beauty.

As acompressor

Sincefrankincense has healing and antiinflammation properties, frankincense hydrosolcan be used as a compressor to relieve the pain brought about by wounds andinjuries. Place a washcloth in a bowl of cold water for a cold press or hotwater for a hot press. Pour a whole bottle of frankincense hydrosol in a cupand saturate the wash cloth. Wring out excess liquid and put the cloth in thedesired area. This will just speed up the healing process.

As aface mask

Skincleanser Frankincense works to clear out the pores in our skin especially for oilyprone skin and acne prone skin. It also rejuvenates the skin to enhance its complexion.


Itcan be used a body mist through out he day for the fragrance and also skincarebenefits.


Frankincensehydrosol can also be used as a daily hair spritz to moisturize the hair beforesealing the moisture with an oil. It can also be added to the final rinse whenwashing your hair.

As ameditation enhancer.

Itcan also be used during your yoga sessions by enhancing the aura around you. Itcan be sprayed around d the room and on the yoga mat or on your body to createthat sense of relaxation and enhances connection.

As femalewash.

Frankincensehydrosol purifies and restores reproductive health. Add the frankincense hydrosolto a douche bulb and hold the bulb in the vaginal canal for ten minutes orlonger. This can be done as many times until the discomfort is over.

As abug repellent.

Frankincensehydrosol can be used as an air freshener in the house and in turn be used to repelbugs and insects like mosquitoes hence preventing diseases.

Youcan add frankincense hydrosol in your bath for detoxification once a week. You willneed ¾ cup of Epsom salts and a cup of bentonite clay and the hydrosol. Soak yourselfin the bath for around 30 minutes to an hour depending on your preference andjust relax.

Apartfrom all this use, frankincense hydrosol can be used in many other ways: as anaftershave, make up remover, mouthwash, deodorant spray, foot soaks, coolingeye pads etc.

Safetyprecautions when using hydrosols.

Donot consume any type of hydrosol without consulting your doctor.

Ifyou are pregnant or lactating, it is best to consult your doctor beforeattempting to use hydrosols.

Storehydrosols in a cool dry and dark place especially in dark bottles because UVrays degrade them quite fast. Storage in a refrigerator is ok, to preservefreshness.

Didyou know that there are no citrus hydrosols because most citrus essential oilsare cold pressed and not steam or hydro distilled? However, you can find limeand bergamot hydrosols.

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By Eila Oketch.

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