Know us 

Our story begins with our discovery and use of king of natural elements – frankincense – and the sacred ancient resin of myrrh. These two-resin demonstrated just how powerful they could be for everything from emotional, physical and spiritual healing.

Natural living supplies owns and runs its own purpose-built distillation plant producing high quality essential oils for you and your family. 

We have travelled the world and forge trade partnerships with sustainable growers and farmers, so we can supply our ingredients direct from source. 

natural-living-supplies-united-kingdom-Kenya-SomaliaMade simply with only the finest, food grade ingredients, all our products are small batch made and are free of paraben and other industrial chemicals. Drawing on traditional Indigenous values and our own unique recipes we use essential oils derived from trees, all with a wide range of medicinal benefits like skin cell regeneration and oral repair.

 Frankincense and Myrrh are ancient oils, among the oldest medicines in the world, the resins are typically found in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. It is our mission to educate and promote their healing potential. We work with potent, natural ingredients, distilling with our family-run distillery immediately to preserve freshness and potency.

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