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Miracle Rosehip Moisturizing oil | Takes on acne.|

Miracle Rosehip Moisturizing oil

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The miracle of rosehip and frankincense !!!

Atone for your skin sins and rescue your pores from the damnation of fast-living. This is next-level skin moisturization – a brightening and deeply hydrating oil that will even help to diminish scars. All of which is why this Intense Moisturizing Oil was bestowed with the name of ‘Miracle’.

Rosehip Oil is perhaps the star of this show. It heals, fights the passage of time, moisturises, brightens and admirably takes on acne. Yet Frankincense Oil and Myrrh Oil also bring unique beauty benefits – like soothing away stress, reducing blemishes, and lifting and tightening the skin.

Completing this line up is Jojoba Oil – which strengthens and soothes. All in all, there’s not much more than you could ask for.

  • Intensely hydrating and moisturizing
  • Replenishes dry, sad skin
  • Soothes away stress
  • Heals and reduces blemishes and scars
  • An impressive adversary for acne


Rosehip oil.

Frankincense and Myrrh oil.

Extra virgin olive oil.

Jojoba Oil.

100% natural

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15ml, 30ml

4 reviews for Miracle Rosehip Moisturizing oil

  1. Claudia

    Amazing face oil specially at night when your skin need it the most, it mosturized and rejuvenate you at the same time 😉 this with miracle oil in the morning is the best for your face, been using this products since January and getting amazing results!

  2. Qui-njeri

    ????literally my favorite moisturizer…. I use it daily and I’m always loving its results

  3. Dave

    Love this oil

  4. Nyambura Kariuki

    I really like this oil for my combination skin.I used it mostly at night after my moisturizer. It helped heal my acne scars and even my complexion. Highly recommend it to people with hyperpigmentation

    • Naturalliving

      thank you so much

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