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Red Sandalwood Cusbur powder | Somalia beauty secret

Red Sandalwood Cusbur powder

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Red Sandalwood Powder

Botanical Name: Santalum Rubrum.  Cuscbur in Somali, Liwa in Swahili

Red sandalwood is a deciduous tree native of South India, Sri Lanka and the Philippines which grows to a height of 8-10 metres.

Red Sandalwood can be used for removal of tan, blemishes, dullness and acne.

Red sandalwood (Cusbur), Turmeric (hurud) and Qasil are the most widely used facial mask by the beautiful Somali women

other uses  have traditionally been used for drinking water as a treatment of diabetes

Also useful in treating bilious affections, skin diseases such as antihelmintic, aphrodisiac and alexiteric as well as  thirst, eye diseases, ulcers and diseases of the blood