Why You Should Use Natural Remedies Foe Beauty And acne

Why you should use natural remedies for beauty and acne.


Use of artificial, chemically-processed products on the skin may cause more harm than good. The skin absorbs 60 to 70 percent of what is put on it and the toxins that are taken into the bloodstream may cause a big problem in the body generally. Some chemicals may take a very long time to be removed from the body and reduce the detox system in the body.

natural ingredients for skin , natural living suppliesWhile there are plenty of wonderful products to help keep our skin clean, clear and radiant, there’s something to be said for the power of Mother Nature

Natural products and remedies are considered pure, organic and safer compared to artificial skin products. They are very effective in promoting healthy and are of good benefit to the skin. Some natural products for example essential oils have undergone minimal processing that is better than chemically processed products. These natural remedies are also beneficial for the environment, are eco-friendly also in terms of animal testing and pollution.


Reasons why natural remedies are more beneficial.


  • Reduced chances of irritation

The chemicals in the artificial products may be too harsh on the skin and cause the problem for example acne, worse. Some ingredients may cause redness and excessive dryness in the skin. By trying to treat something, it causes another problem with the side effects. An example is Benzoyl Peroxide, which may help in the treatment of acne caused by oily skin but at the same time cause dryness and lead to acne due to dry skin.

 When I left my practice as an ER doctor to start a natural skin-care line, it didn’t occur to me that I would be entering the "beauty" industry. If I had thought of it that way, I might not have chosen to make the leap. I don’t think of skin care as a beauty issue: Skin care is a health issue, no different from the food I put on my dinner plate or the time I take to exercise every day. So many of us have become numb to the synthetic fragrances and potentially harmful ingredients we’re using on our skin, and I—like many of my fellow green-brand founders—am on a mission to educate and create change. It’s time to wake up and smell the body oil. Why would you choose an organic skin-care brand over a conventional one? For the same reasons you’d choose organic food over conventional food: to limit your exposure to chemicals that are potentially hazardous to your health and the planet. Let me disclose from the outset that I am a believer in the organic movement. But I’m not a believer because it’s on trend or because I’ve succumbed to fear-mongering or because I grow and harvest my own lavender. I believe in organic skin care because I’m a physician who has cared for thousands of sick people and have seen illness in all its forms. I believe we have the power to harm ourselves or heal ourselves with our daily choices, and choosing organic is one way to support our health and the health of the planet we share. Many people make this choice when it comes to food, but the products we use on our skin should be next in line.Natural remedies on the other hand have minimal side effects on the skin, are more beneficial and gentle. Lavender oil and tea tree oil are some of the essential oils that have been used for decades to keep the skin beautiful and nourished. For better results some of the essential oils need to be diluted using a carrier oil as they are compressed and very strong.

  • Nutrients

With the use of natural remedies for your skin, you are providing it with nutrients apart from just treating therefore increasing the benefit altogether. All the vitamins in natural products are like food for the skin and can increase cell regeneration and promote skin rejuvenation. Vitamin C for example helps in treating acne, dryness acne scars and age spots. Vitamin E is an oxidant that helps protect the skin from the harmful UV rays. It can also help with skin inflammation.

Natural remedies also have different properties that help the skin produce new cells thus help in healing.


  • Controlling acne

Dieting is a natural way of treating acne. Many sources say that what you eat plays a huge role on your skin. Eating junk food has been linked to acne breakouts. An example is chocolates and foods with high sugar levels. Dairy has been suggested to cause shifts in hormones which play a huge role on sebum production. When there is excess sebum production, it may cause clogging of pores and therefore cause acne. With dieting, you can control what you eat in order to prevent acne breakouts. This can be achieved without the use of chemicals in chemically processed acne treatments.

natural ingredients for skin, natural living Scientific research is backing up what herbalists have known for a very long time: natural and botanical extracts can deliver high performance results when it comes to skin care. Shoppers are now demanding their skin care actually deliver noticeable results and have begun looking for effective

  • Absorption

Whatever is put on the skin eventually ends up being absorbed into the bloodstream. When using a lot of chemicals on the skin it may lead to awful side effects in your body. Some may alter your immune system and the toxins may remain in your body for very long periods of time. You would not want to put something harmful in your body deliberately and therefore natural remedies are preferable because there is a very little chance that they may have harmful toxins that may disturb the body’s balance when absorbed.


  • Environment

When these beauty products are being manufactured, there may be harmful chemicals that are released into the environment. These chemicals are vastly harmful to the environment. We ourselves when using these products wash them away into the drainages which end up in rivers that may affect the soils and aquatic life. This all becomes a cycle with only harm and no benefit. Natural remedies barely contain any chemicals and so for a change may lead to better care of the environment and deemed eco-friendly.


  • Fragrances

Many chemically processed beauty products have an ingredient labelled -fragrances- These fragrances are chemicals themselves and many believe they are just added so as to cover the chemical smells in the products. Furthermore, products with natural ingredients may contain essential oils that smell amazing and also have beneficial properties for the skin.

Chemical ingredients you should check out for and avoid in products


  • Sulfates –                     Has been said to cause cancer
  • Parabens-                    Hormone disruptor, possible developmental & reproductive toxin,
  • BHA-                            Can cause dryness
  • Propylene glycol and polyethylene glycol- May cause water retention leading to swelling
  • Triclosan-                    Developmental, endocrine & reproductive toxin
  • Synthetic dyes-           May cause irritation on the skin or scalp
  • Talc-                            Associated with an increased risk of detrimental health effects
  • Aminophenol-             Can cause itching, redness sensitivity to sunlight and burning
  • Artificial Fragrance-    May be toxic to the skin
  • Hydroquinone –          Can cause Inflammatory reactions
  • Phenoxyethanol-        Causes skin irritation
  • Sodium benzoate-      Can damage cells on the skin


Natural ingredients good for the skin


  • Vitamin E-                   barrier to moisture loss
  • Vitamin C-                   is an antioxidant, helps reduce age spots and dark marks
  • Aloe Vera-                   soothing and moisturizing
  • Rose hip oil–                 Natural moisturizer, reducing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tea Tree oil-                is antibacterial and helps in treating acne
  • Myrrh and

Frankincense–             Help to heal the skin of blemishes and breakouts

  • Jojoba oil-                   can help heal burns, sores, scars, dermatitis, acne and                                             wrinkles.
  • Shea butter–               Mixed with Frankincense oil it makes an excellent                                                    moisturizer.

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by Natasha Wairimu


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